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From the Little Stream Software blog

After three years of growth, two of our apple trees finally grew flowers which mean we might have the first apples later this year. All that research, planning, and waiting might finally pay-off.

The same goes for a lot of strategic opportunities you come across in your Shopify store. Opportunities that may or may not work but if you put in regular effort (and waiting) they just might work.

My recommendation is to get one started before the end of the month so it can start growing. If you can keep it alive, it might yield some tasty fruit.

You're the best person to decide which project to start, but here are a few idea joggers if you're coming up blank.

  • Dust off that email list and start sending on a regular schedule.
  • Finally build your own store instead of only being on Amazon.
  • Decide to throw away that ratty Shopify theme and move over to a modern one that's being actively worked on and supported.
  • Partner with that other business to see if you can both be better together than alone.
  • Segment your customer list and start to send custom offers.
  • Analyze your buyer data and build a New Customer Welcome Campaign, perhaps by using my app's analysis.
  • Design and build your own product line instead of relying on flaky suppliers.

Expect the first few months (or years) to be slow, but keep at it and keep improving and you could get tasty fruit solid store improvements.

Eric Davis

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