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Issue #425 - November 15th, 2023

5 Reasons to Ship and Fulfill With Shopify This Holiday Season

Maria Acle gives a few tips about shipping for the 2023 holiday season including avoiding the holiday surcharges in Shopify Shipping.

Crafting meta descriptions to get the click

Ilana Davis writes about meta descriptions for Shopify (the text that shows in search results).

Taking the time to create this on your best products instead of relying on the automatic versions can really boost your organic SEO traffic.

Did last year's holiday customers come back?

Find out if last year's holiday customers stuck around with Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

My articles this week

Combine RFM segments into the visual Customer Grids

Avoid 3rd party review websites to build customer loyalty

Customer service is your loyalty safety net

Give your most loyal customers early access to Black Friday deals

Eric Davis

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