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Issue #407 - July 12th, 2023

Smart Order Routing: Prioritize Fulfillment Locations and Deliver Products Faster to Your Customers

Emily Manley describes the new smart order routing feature added to Shopify. This will help multi-location stores decide where each order should be fulfilled from.

Reduce confusion when replacing an old product with a new model

Ilana Davis writes about how to handle replacing product pages.

I've suffered many times from product information disappearing from the Internet, so much that I've started to file away backup copies just in case I need it later.

Segment your customers automatically with RFM

Segmenting your customers has always been touted as a powerful marketing tool but many stores avoid it because it can be time-consuming.

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically segment your entire customer base for you based on the valuable data Shopify has already collected for you. Ranging from 5 to 30 to over 125+ different segments using RFM and other models, you can pick how much power you want to harness.

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When shouldn't you use RFM analysis

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