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From the Little Stream Software blog

Since swearing off buying from Amazon a few years back, I've found myself preferring Shopify stores that support Shop Pay.

The big part is my familiarity with Shopify and knowing that my card details are going to be safe. Over the years I've had merchants leak various details due to broken ecommerce stores or bad data practices.

Limiting which stores see the card data by using Shopify and Shop Pay eliminates the worry of "will this store lose my card data?"

Shop and Shop Pay aren't perfect and they annoy me at times, but it's better than dealing with Amazon or using a not-vaulted credit card.

On the merchant side, if you can offer Shop Pay or other checkout/payment options then it's almost always a win for your customers. Offering them the familiar and comfortable options can be the difference between an order and a bounce.

Eric Davis

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